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Don't Hurt The Blade by rayn44 Don't Hurt The Blade by rayn44
O-kay... jackass Aira-ty reports for duty. Yesterday I read an amazing piece from SlingBlade87 SW: Jaira Wedding Night"This better not be a trick." Aira-ty grumbled as Jango led her with a blindfold over her eyes.
"I told you," Jango admonished. "It's a wedding gift."
Aira-ty sighed, biting her lip as she tried not to feel uncomfortable. She didn't like surprises, but she was willing to trust Jango. After all, she'd just married him. If that didn't speak of trust she didn't know what did.
"Okay, here we are." Jango ssaid as they came to a stop.
Aira-ty chewed her lip pensively as Jango removed the blindfold. Her eyes adjusted to the light and she looked around at the hangar they were in. She of course recognized Jango's Slave I, the distinctive Firespray was hard to miss, and then there were the other craft sitting in the hangar.
"So what is it?" Aira-ty asked as she looked at the ships.
"That one." Jango said, pointing at the ship sitting beside the Slave I.
Aira-ty's eyes widened as she looked at the sleek courier ship he'd indicated.
"That's an Alderaanian Swift series." She murmured.
"And it's you
 And he came up with the idea in it that Aira-ty got her ship the Sleek Blade from Jango. I always thought that Aira-ty is very protective when it comes to her ship, noone could fly with her than herself and stuff but I didn't have any particular reason for it, I just imagined it like this but this headcanon makes so much sense!! I love it!
So after reading this I immediately had the thought that what if poor Hanabi made some serious damage on the Blade while trying to pilot it in some kind of dangerous situation and Aira-ty (she's really unstable emotionally yet after Jango's death) snaps quite badly on the poor girl who lacks self-confidence anyway. Maybe poor Hanabi even was a bit proud of herself she managed to get everyone out from that situation alive but then... Aira-ty was just an ass... I bet later when she calmed down she'll regret her behavior and will try to apologize on her standoffish awkward way.

Hanabi (c) BrET13
Kahan (c) SlingBlade87
Aira-ty (c) me

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AdamAnt543 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Looks like someone needs a hug.
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Yeah, b ut I'm not sure if it's Aira-ty or Hanabi!
AdamAnt543 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
that's the real question of the day. :XD:
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
I love how ballistic Aira-ty goes over this.

I mean it is completely understandable really considering how precious the Blade is to her, but I don't think I've ever go quite this ape over something before...and against poor Hanabi too!

I imagine she must be pretty terrified and very humiliated, after all Aira-ty is something of a hero to her and she likely thought she did good to save everyone by piloting the Blade and getting them out and then ehre's Aira-ty going off on her like a raging mother protecting her cubs!

Then of course Kahan steps in and just tells Aira-ty to stuff it, you can see the rage in her posture as he tells her to back off. Not that he understands just how important her ship is to her of course, but he certainly would not tolerate anyone treating his apprentice like this. As he told Hanabi, the only one allowed to chastise her is himself and then only when necessary!

I rather imagine that after this, Aira-ty goes to the Blade later on and finds Kahan, Leroi and Ziggy working to repair the damage...I wonder how she'd react to see the three of them doing that? Would she flip because they're touching her ship or feel grateful (and perhaps a little abashed) that they're going to the trouble.
rayn44 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think she's just really unstable emotionally yet, she was always full of strong emotions as we know but seeing her precious ship, a piece what reminds her of Jango being ruined and broken makes her pain even more tearing and she had to give it out no matter who she hit with it... Uhh actually if it was other than Hanabi who hurt the Blade it even could happen she punched the responsible person. Perhaps if it was Kahan he would have got a punch he fell back! So, Hanabi still had luck~ Even if it doesn't like that at all... Poor girl really thought she did good and maybe even was a bit proud of herself to save everyone... And I also think Hanabi looks up at Aira-ty and getting something like this from her... Aand I had earlier another idea for Hanabi to do something against Aira-ty I mean it's an innocent thing but Aira-ty won't appreciate it at all... And now I can connect it to here uhh that will be bad... Oh poor Hanabi...

Yeah I imagined Kahan to definitely protect Hanabi in a situation like this, she did nothing wrong and certainly didn't deserve being treated like this...

Oh and I imagined after Aira-ty told Kahan and Hanabi to get lost she stayed by the Blade and tried to assess the damage and repair it. But your idea just made me being able to connect my two scenes about Hanabi hehe. Maybe Aira-ty left to get some repair tools for herself and then found there Kahan, Leroi and Ziggy by the Blade. I think at first she would get angry why are they by her ship but then realizes what they do there and most likely would feel herself stupid...
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Yeah, that's my thoughts on Aira-ty's reaction to all this exactly. She's having a strong emotional response to something that is precious to her, it's a good thing that Kahan was there to shield Hanabi and save her from some of the flak that Aira-ty was spitting out! As for Hanabi, I bet she had a good cry after this considering how much she looks up to Aira-ty, though Kahan would no doubt comfort her in an attempt to reassure her somewhat.

Oh certainly Kahan would protect her. He's not going to let anyone (even Aira-ty) talk to his apprentice like that, especially after she did nothing wrong! And at this point he doesn't ahve any of his later feelings for Aira-ty so he's really not going to put up with it.

I imagined actually that she stays there for a time assessing the damage and then goes to get what she needs to repair it. When she comes back there are Kahan, Leroi and Ziggy hard at work. And yes, I think at first she'd be ready to explode again but then take a moment to calm down and realize that they're trying to help and fix what happened.
rayn44 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now I'm trying to find out how to make that certain other scene, but I'm afraid it won't end well for Hanabi... I should find out a way to finish the scene in a good way or something otherwise she'll cry a lot...

Yeah Kahan has no feelings towards Aira-ty yet all he sees is a raging woman who's shouting at his adorable apprentice!

Yeah I imagined it to happen the exact same way. And I guess once she realizes what Kahan does with his droids she'll become emotional again, this time not raging but touched. But I need to connect this to my other idea aaahhh I hate connecting scenes... x'D
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Heh, well not every scene has to have a happy ending...just look at the Imperial AU peices. A lot of those are just downright depressing!

Pretty much, and he doesn't take too kindly to it either!

*laugh* oh you'll manage, and it is good practice at any rate for larger projects!
Smittynick870 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist
Poor girl! <:C
commanderfett Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student Writer
Well, you can't blame her for being so protective of such a wonderful gift from her late husband...
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