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May 7, 2013
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NAME: Aira-ty Nokta
RACE: Lonagh-whanian
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 1.67 meters
WEIGHT: 61 kilograms
SKIN: Pale purple-ish
EYES: Orange
HAIR: Turquoise
WEAPON: As padawan a lightsaber with green colored blade
As a mercenary Westar-34 twin blasters and knife. Additional weapons: flame thrower, grenades, poisoned darts, hidden blades, etc.
After the Clone Wars she built a new lightsaber with purple colored blade
SHIP: part owner of the Slave I, and has a modified Swiftwind-class courier, the Sleek Blade.

Aira-ty bornt as the single child of her parents on Lonagh Wha. When she was 4 a Jedi Knight arrived to the planet and recognized the little girl’s force sensitivity and convinced her parents to let her go to the Jedi Temple.

In the Temple despite her best efforts Aira-ty remained strongly emotional and restless, almost unable to meditate but she was skilled at lightsaber fight.
She was very fond of her best friend Sabor Ng'hru, as a teen she even had a crush on him though Sabor never felt the same way about her.
Most of the younglings including Sabor's other friend Serita thought she won't make a Jedi so even she herself was surprised that master Nada Athura chose her as his padawan when she was eleven. Aira-ty adored her master and did her best to follow his instructions but when Aira-ty was fifteen Nada died on a mission. The young girl felt lost, depressed and confused which resulted her leaving the Jedi behind without a word.

Aira-ty tried to find her parents on her home planet, but she learned that they already adopted a half breed lonagh-whanian girl, Shaira-na and they are a happy family now. She knew she had no place there anymore and didn’t want to ruin their life so she left the planet and tried to survive as a bounty hunter. After she killed her first bounty she met with the ominous looking mandalorian, Silas Taris who offered the young vehement girl to join their group. Aira-ty became one of the mandalorians and spent the next few years with her new family till one of the members Glatten Grauzem after the leader Garron Twiik finally decided to kick him out of the group because of his extrem brutality, set up a trap to take revenge on his former team and managed to kill almost everyone except Sayael Aash'ur and Aira-ty who could barely beat Grauzem and took his right eye then sent him to jail for the rest of his life.
After loosing her family Aira-ty was a complete mess and lived a self-destructive life till she met with Jango Fett. They already met a few times thanks to Eisha Curr, the now dead member of Aira-ty's group who was an old friend of Jango. The young mandalorian man decided to help the wreck what Aira-ty was and took her under his wings. Initially they had a lot of fight because both of them were hot-headed but over time they started to cling to each other and slowly fell in love.

Aira-ty never used the Force again, she tried to completely forget about her abilities though she still often had visions and premonitions just like in her padawan ages. Then when their relationship became serious she married Jango. Actually they married twice. First they had an aruetyc wedding in a not exactly sober state on Florrum when Hondo Ohnaka was the ceremony master but later they told the mandalorian wedding vows too.

After a few years of quite exciting marriage for the mandalorian couple Aira-ty confessed his husband a joyful news, she was carrying a baby.
Not much later Jango got a well-paid offer from Tyrannus for a very dangerous job, to hunt down Komari Vosa. Jango accepted the job on which he didn’t allow his pregnant wife to accompany him. After he succeded his task he even accepted the offer to be the template of a clone army. Aira-ty wasn’t happy to hear this news at all but had to accept his husband’s decision. And though she never liked the idea of an exploited army not to mention with the same face like her husband she also took part of the training of the clone troopers like the members of the Cuy’val Dar beside taking care of their son, Boba. Though both Jango and Aira-ty continued their bounty hunter job meantime, together and separately too. Aira-ty was on a hunt when the Jedi master Obi-wan Kenobi arrived to the Kamino and fought with Jango who escaped with Boba to Geonosis where he eventually died. Boba after witnessing his father's death vanished so by the time Aira-ty came home she didn't find neither her husband or son, she lost her family once again. For a short time she fled into work and alcohol. She accepted any kind of job then spent her credits in pubs to avoid to think about her loss. Then she eventually faced her feelings and decided that her place is with Jango’s legacy and joined the GAR to work with his clones again.

She quickly formed her own squad the Wolf Pack or ’The Pack’ as they just called themselves. Aira-ty worked under the command of a Jedi General with who they had a not too pleasant relationship. The General despised the mandalorian woman and often called her „Alpha Female” but Aira-ty wasn’t kinder with him either. Then the General arranged her reassignment to the 13th Assault Corps but Aira-ty refused to go without her Pack.
The bitter and standoffish woman initially had an awkward relationship with her new General, Kahan but later they were able to work together very effectively. The General was even one of the very few people who knew her secret that once she was a Jedi herself. As they fought through the Clone Wars Aira-ty struggled with her feelings as she slowly fell in love with her General. Then Aira-ty eventually confessed her feelings to Kahan who responded to her and said he will leave the Order for her once the war is over but he didn't have the chance to fulfill his promise. He alsmot died when Order 66 was issued but Aira-ty asked her loyal captain, Jesp to help her to save Kahan and his padawan, Hanabi and help them to escape. The whole Pack deserted with their commander.

Kahan and Aira-ty married and founded their Mandalorian Clan the Gotevaar’la.
Aira-ty gave birth to two girls, Jaeriel and Ay-lana. Both girls were Force sensitives so their father started to train them and Aira-ty feeling alone and afraid to be the weakest in her family decided to renew her Force abilities and even built a new lightsaber so they became a really dangerous mandalorian-jedi family.
Ok, I really wanted to do this for a looong time but I'm still not able to decide about a few details you know preferences over logic kind of things... But this description is mostly accurate. Many-many things changed since I uploaded my first Aira-ty history description so I thought that I should update the old one instead uploading a new one.

I need to give credit for a lot of the story for SlingBlade87

About lonagh-whanians:…

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ZombieFighter116 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
I'm starting to like her story. I'd like to read the story of when she left the Jedi Order. Great job! :clap:

I'm working on my own female Force-sensitive character as well. Take a look when you can :D
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This is a very interesting story..... I LOVE IT!!!!!! :D
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Solus169 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
so she left the Order thus losing the rank of jedi, but because she was married to Fett thus making her one of the Cuy'val Dar, how did she end up getting command of the 44th if she is a Mercenary/ ex-jedi?
Solus169 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
but all in all i like the story

darksiderz123 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
so she's a space elf? Awesome!!!!
Wheat-Os Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
I was wondering if she counted when order 66 came, technically not a Jedi. I guess she did.
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