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Random from My Star Wars OCs

8 facts about Tora Ge'per

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 11:54 AM
1.) Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag other 8 characters. 
Post their names along with their creators' avatars. (This time I say do whoever feels like doing it)

So, here's the second half of this tag thingy... This time it's Tora's turn!

Tora Ge'per

1, Her last name Ge’per is a fusion of her parents’ last names because her mother insisted that since Tora is her daughter too she can’t have only her father’s name. They were called Bataar Geron and Jun Perloo.


2, Being a stormtrooper Tora spends almost all of her freetime in the training room, wanting to be fit and strong but also wanting to exhaust herself as much as she can because that way she can sleep better and the nightmares about the day when her parents died didn’t haunt her that often. Also since she always stays in the training room late, when she’s alone she always has earphones and listens to music while doing her daily training.


3, The asymmetrical haircut Tora has is supposed to hide the scar above her right ear which she got in the pirate attack when her parents died. Seeing the scar effects her badly reminding her of her trauma so she does her best to hide it so others won’t ask about it, even when she looks into the mirror she never lifts her hair and refuses to look at the scar even when doing her make up. It is also important for her to look reliable and confident (because she’s everything but not confident) so she wears make up to look more serious and grown up.


4, Tora loves sparring with her peers and beating one guy after another while the others are rooting for her. They frequently challenge her but non of them were able to beat her with two exceptions, once Varro surprised his opponent with kissing her on the cheek distracting her long enough to throw her to the ground, the other man she was unable to best is Kallus.  


5, Tora joined the Stormtrooper Corps to fight people who cause trouble and hurt innocents, (like the pirates who killed her parents) wanting to bring security and order to the galaxy and also to become strong and respected as her role model, Aira-ty Nokta who led men to battle during the Clone Wars. So, she's very dedicated in her job, always does her best and shows up actual results which gains her both positive and negative opinions from her peers. 


6, Tora can’t hold her liquor at all and being aware of this she always refuses to drink no matter how her peers pester her. But the boys once trying to prank her gave her alkohol without her knowing but it backfired on them and they ended up babysitting and supporting the half conscious young woman the whole night... Then they even had to face the wrath of agent Kallus who accidentally ran into the drunk company.  


7, The boys continuously make pranks on Tora being the only girl among them, most of them being sexist, distasteful jokes. And a lot of times they also involve Kallus and the so called tension between them which really embarrasses and genuinly bothers Tora. She really has to endure a lot of crap from the others which is not always easy, she usually distances herself from the boys and refuses to hang out with them when being off duty and prefers to stay in the training room or visits her friend a loner always grumpy TIE pilot, Reed in the hangar where he almost constantly repairs something on his beloved TIE.


8, Tora’s love life: being a teen living with her merchant parents yet on their ship she had a crush on a few years older zabrak boy she knew from the holonet but when they finally could meet the first time, the boy expected more from the meeting than the naive innocent girl and the incident ended with Tora crying, and her heart broken because of the rude purposeful boy. Then she developed a crush on Niklos, (the clone trooper who rescued her from the escape pod along with Aira-ty after her parents died) later after she joined the Stormtrooper Corps it happened that Niklos became her commander but when she showed signs of her affection Niklos rejected her having his advanced aging as an excuse and transfered the young woman to another legion, breaking her heart. There she met the ISB agent Kallus the first time, after she worked under his command for a time, Kallus invited her to the Imperial Ball only thinking to have a pleasant night with her but Tora despite going with him refused to let the agent touch her and in her panic hit Kallus on the face and left him. After this incident the agent started to look at her with different eyes and later developed actual feelings for the odd young woman. Tora refused to accept the fact Kallus feels anything for her for a long time but even after she realized it she still refused to start anything with the agent (despite she also started to feel something), it took her long to say yes and finally get together with him.

8 facts about Aira-ty Nokta: 

8 facts about Aira-ty NoktaI got tagged by Studlyfudd13
1.) Post these rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag other 8 characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators' avatars. (I'll tag only people not characters so you can choose your characters) 
I thought I'll do two of my characters for this because now I have two favorit ladies, so here you can read my facts about Aira-ty and my next journal will be about Tora. Oh and my facts are more likely little stories themselves I simply can't write shortly, sorry about it... ^^""" 

Aira-ty Nokta

1, Being a little girl Aira-ty craved love and attention despite living in the Jedi Temple and clung to Sabor Ng’hru the few years older initiate who was the first person giving her comfort after she was brought to the Temple and was crying after her parents. Later when she got her master Nada Athura she clung to him as well always trying to impress her adored master despite their personality a

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