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Q and A answers part II

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 17, 2015, 12:55 PM

Second (and last) part of the answers for my Q and A.



LinkWannabe42 asked:

1) If you could adopt any of your characters or your friend's characters as your own child and get to raise them, who would you pick?

Hmmmm Sehan! Kahan’s cute twin brother. Trehan would kill me, and not sure I could give Kahan what he needs since I’d make a terrible mother… But I think Sehan would be the perfect choice for me, he doesn’t seem to be a problematic kid at all.


2) If you could have any character as your own bodyguard and have them defend you in a scary situation/pull you out of an awkward situation, who would you pick?

Huh as for the awkward situation surely not Kahan… He’d just laugh on me and wouldn’t help at all… And the problem is that every character who’s strong enough to protect me would hate me and mock me… So I really don’t know… Oh wait! Maybe Obi-wan! Yes, he wouldn’t judge me! ;w; I love you Obi!


3) What's your country like during winter? Do you do anything nice for Christmas(If you celebrate it)?

Well, it supposed be cold and snow everywhere… but thanks to the global warming now we barely see snow, and barely experience cold… And nope, since mom moved from home when I was 14 we don’t exactly celebrate Christmas, at least not at home… Mom always wants us to visit them though and we have a nice day together, that’s all.


4) Prequel Star Wars Trilogy, or Original Star Wars Trilogy?

Now people will hate me… I prefer the Prequels eheh. I joined the fandom with the Phantom Menace and still prefer that three movies than the old ones. Not sure why...


5) How do you think it'd go if you and Aira-ty met up for a drink?

Uhh... that wouldn’t end well... I don’t drink and she’s a very bad drunk so... uhh...


6) What would you do if Kahan suddenly appeared in your room and said he needed help on a mission?

I’d do my best to apologize...



HirokoSama asked:

1) What do you think about the new season of Star Wars Rebels?

Honestly this season already started better than the first one in my opinion. I’m still not a big fan of it but I’m definitely following it and who knows, it may get better and better.


2) If you could meet a Star Wars character in real life, wich one?

Most likely Obi-wan, I’d love to meet him. Or Rex.


3) Clonetrooper or Stormtrooper?

Clone troopers! Stormtroopers are a joke!


4) When did you start to draw?

Hmm I was around 8 years old I guess. It’s hard to remember, but Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball made me start to draw.


5) In all your pieces of art, wich one is your favorite?

Sorry I answered this twice already and I’m lazy to copy the links again... xD


6) Do you know some words in mando'a?

Yep, but couldn’t list them all here right now.


SlingBlade87 asked:

Why do you hate your own work so much and belittle your talent?

(what kind of question is this??) Because I think my work is crap and I have no talent at all which is not exactly the worst part because that could be helped, but that I’m too lazy to work hard and make myself better... Happy now?



RedRich1917 asked:

1) If there was an anime-style Star Wars series, what time period in the Star Wars universe would you have it set in? (Personally I'd love to see one between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens or in the KOTOR/SWTOR era)

Sorry, may sound boring but the Clone Wars or the prequels in general, that’s still my fav era.


2) What lightsaber color and fighting style (standard single blade, single-bladed curved handle, dual-wield, saber staff, etc) would you choose?

Green or orange and standard single blade or saber staff.


3) What is your favorite Force power?

Not sure I have one...


4. Jedi or Sith?

Already answered this one hehe.



emerald3434 asked:

What would you do if you woke up one morning as Aira-ty?

Start screaming... I don’t want to lose everyone who I love... T___T



JoeBlue asked:

1) Would you have Aira-ty do if she wasn't a Mando mercenary?

You mean what would she do if she wasn’t a mando mercenary? Would be a Jedi I guess...


2) What other shows/movies/books do you like?

Oh now this question, the lists will be long ehehehe

Shows: Death Note, Code Geass, Inuyasha, Yugioh, Naruto, Azumanga Daioh, Attack on Titan, The Walking Dead, A-team, BBC Sherlock, Highlander, Third Watch, Grimm

Movies: The Lord of the Rings, The hobbit, The village, Le Pacte des loups, The mummy 1-2, Jurassic Park-World, Wreck it Ralph

Books: Harry Potter, Metro 2033,, Battle Royal


3) Who would you pair Aira-ty up with if you had the choice, other than Kahan and Jango?

Huh... now that is an interesting question... I have a few characters who I kinda ship her with hehe but I wouldn’t make a couple out of them... originally she had a short affair with Sayael Aashur (the sephi guy from her mando family), I had a faint thought of young (still sane) Grauzem and Aira-ty (omg that would be so sick), and I like the thought of Sarka x Aira-ty and Mishka x Aira-ty



Graphicspark84 asked:

1) CT-1979 "Storm" : "...So, Aira-ty, when are you visiting Boba?"

Aira-ty: Well, I would visit him if I knew where he is! Or if he’s even alive!


2) CT-1945 "Forty-five": "Want Storm? He recently messed up a bombing run in which stopped an incoming ambush." *beats the other trooper's helmet.*

Aira-ty: .....


3) Lykon Unifani: "So a question for the Hogwarts AU. How can you overcome a polarity? As in a complete opposite of what defines you."

Not sure I understand the question... sorry



TinkerTanker44432 asked:

1) What is Aira-ty' thoughts on the Lothal Rebels?

Aira-ty: A bunch of idiots... They all will be dead soon.


2) What does she think about Deathwatch?

Aira-ty: Those scum, shabla aruetii all of them! They need to be wiped out!


3) And more about the Lothal Rebels what is her opinion on the Mandalorian of the group this "Sabine"?

Aira-ty: She should concentrate more on her fighting skills than scribble nonsense everywhere! I swear she’s......



speedracerdude511 asked:

1) When did you start doing art?

Answered it a bit above. ; )


2) When did you first see star wars?

Well, I saw parts of it a lot when I was little yet, my father and sister were always big SW fans so they watched the original trilogy a thousand times but it never interested me... Then they went to cinema to watch the Phantom Menace and they enjoyed it that much their mood infected me so I went to cinema to watch it as well and I fell in love. My sister still can’t believe that I’m a bigger fan now than she is hehe.


3) If you could instantly have a fully drawn comic of one scene with your characters without having to work on it what would it be and why?

Hmm well, right now it would be the whole scene from the beginning to the ending of this little thing: Self-sacrifice by rayn44 And because I’m waaay too lazy to draw it but would really like to see the whole thing as it lives in my head.


4) Where do you find inspiration for your OCs?

I’m really not sure... They just... tend to pop up in my head...


5) Do have any artists or people who have inspired you?

As for inspiration now I mostly get it from two persons SlingBlade87 and Vizu

And the artists whose work I admire and try to learn from and try to be as good as them are ZetsubouZed KaelaCroftArt JoeHoganArt and :midorinohonoo:



ZombieFighter116 asked:

1) Favorite Star Wars non-Jedi character?

I almost only have non-Jedi fav characters. Jango Fett, any clone trooper, Hondo Ohnaka, Lando Calrissian, etc etc...


2) Favorite Star Wars Prequel movie?

Revenge of the Sith


3) Favorite Star Wars Original Trilogy movie?

A New Hope


4) How often do you write stories for Star Wars?

A few years ago I wrote quite frequently but now I barely write anything really... Sometimes I miss it but since there’s noone I could share my stuff with (I write in hungarian) it became quite pointless... And I have a much more talented writer on my side now ehehe.


5) Favorite Sith/Jedi character?

Fav Jedi is Obi-wan, fav Sith let’s say Dooku.


6) Anyone special in your life?

Beside my mom and sister? A few friends, and I happen to be quite clingy even when I know it is not mutual.


7) What do you hope to see from The Force Awakens?

Honestly I try not to have big hopes, I prefer pleasant surprises than disappointment.



Blitzhart asked:

1) What would you say has drawn the people in your life/ your deviantart watchers to you?

Well, in life I don’t draw people to me at all! Usually they avoid me and they’re right I’m hell boring and a weirdo and hard to get along with long term. And on dA? I wouldn’t say I have a lot of watchers and heaven knows what drew them to me!

2) When did you start drawing?

Already answered this one above. :3


3) If you could live anywhere/ visit anywhere where would it be?

About living, I don’t know... But I’d like to visit New Zealand and Transylvania which is actually damn close to where I live but never managed to visit it yet... And I don’t care where but to the ocean!! I want the damn ocean!



MidoriNoHonoo asked:

1) What is your favourite AU within A-Galaxy-of-Our-Own?

I answered this one already but there’s two of them, The Imperial AU and the Hogwarts AU. :3


2) What would be your dream AU that is currently not covered in A-Galaxy-of-Our-Own? (I'd quite fancy putting my OCs in a Bleach or Fullmetal Alchemist AU, for example. :meow: )

Hmm not sure I have a „dream AU” which doesn’t exist yet. But I’m doing my best to make an Inuyasha AU happen for real lately... xD And perhaps a Naruto one? We already talked about a Jurassic World AU and I still want to deal with it more heeh. Once I was in the Bleach fandom (thanks to a friend) but I don’t find the story that engaging to create an AU for it, as for FMA I don’t think the world is wide enough to play around in it. ^^”””


3) What's the most obnoxious/embarrassing thing SlingBlade87 has ever done/said to you that you're able/willing to share? XD

You know I’m not even sure... Maybe when he tricked me to videochat with Ulysses0302 it was really embarrassing, since I have a hard time to talk with new people (and I didn’t know he will be there in the videochat as well) but he was really kind and cute so it was no problem beside me being embarrassed like hell.

As for obnoxious, when he said he’ll contact someone I had a not too pleasant case with but I didn’t want to talk about it but he insisted and I panicked and uhhh...


4) Not really a question, just a message, stay awesome, because you're a fantastic artist, and a huge inspiration to us all, y'know?

(Wait, that last word made it a question? Well, the answers are "yes", and "yes". XD)

No, I don’t know in fact, or at least can’t believe it.



SlipperySniper123 asked:

When you write or draw,what do you listen to ?

When I write I usually listen to anime OST, I collect songs which fit to the mood of the piece I’m writing. And when I’m drawing most of the time I listen to TV, search for a show what interests me then don’t pay attention to it at all... xD Sometimes when a song inspires me I listen to that in a loop while I’m drawing.



GeeGee98 asked:

How do you feel about the fan reaction to all of your (and other artists) characters?

Honestly I always was happy to see if people liked our characters especially that much that they worked with them, creating art or writing. But lately I kinda feel like I’m not even in control of my own characters anymore... I can’t keep track of the people who used them and the stories they appeared in... I even got not one message where they asked to use my characters and apparently I didn’t answer „in time” so they wrote another message somewhat indignantly that ok then they’ll use them anyway and give credit... This is a bit annoying honestly.



CobraCatDragon2898 asked:

1) Who/what is Aira-Ty's inspiration?

I wouldn’t say anyone inspired her... but she’s definitely a mixture of myself and the person I’d like to be. (mostly her bad personality traits are from me... xD)


2) What inspired you to join deviantArt?

Honestly? I don’t remember...


3) What happened to Smile?

;_____; Grauzem killed him... That bastard...


4) Will we see more of the other members of the Pack?

Oh I’m sure about that. Just I have tons of characters to play with now so I simply never can have enough time to deal with all of them as much as I would like.



With this I answered all questions, thank you so much for the interest and all the questions! I hope you’re satisfied with my answers.  


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Commission Info

Commission info

Waist up: 10$ + 8$ for each extra character
Kaira by rayn44 Commission for commanderfett by rayn44

Full body:16$ + 12$ for each extra character
Commission for lordhadrian - 03 by rayn44 Commission for MandoGirl22 by rayn44

Short comics: price by arrangement
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Please Read:

:bulletred: If you would like a detailed background that would cost additional fee depending on the complexity of the background.
:bulletred: I do only humanoid characters (I mean I can’t draw animals, different creatures, droids, vehicles, etc)
:bulletred: I DON’T draw nudity; hentai or hard yaoi/yuri, soft versions of these are ok
:bulletred: Payment: in advance - PAYPAL ONLY
:bulletred: I have to ask you to pay the paypal fee
:bulletred: For commissioning me write a NOTE
:bulletred: Send me references
:bulletred: And sorry, but I have the rights to refuse your request, if I feel that is more what I’m able to do with my limited skills or feel uncomfortable to draw it.
Thank you!

To do list

:bulletred: commission for :iconndwwrestler2:
:bulletred: commission for :iconwagnern:
:bulletred: commission for :iconlordhadrian: ?
:bulletred: commission for :iconvortismash: ?

:bulletred: contest prize for :iconkaelacroftart:
:bulletred: contest prize for :iconslingblade87:

:bulletred: art trade with :iconzetsubouzed:
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:bulletred: a lot of fanfic cover for :iconslingblade87:
:bulletred: Aleema project for :iconslingblade87:

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