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Aira-ty Nokta and the Wolf Pack (my Star Wars OCs)

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A sweet slideshow about Jango x Aira-ty


We dared - An awesome fanfic what includes Aira-ty

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The Clone Wars retold

An Angel's Light

Star Wars: Falling Rain

Jessica Yissin's Tale - Old canon

Star Wars: Chance EncounterBlaster fire rippled over the cover where Hanabi and her handful of clone troopers crouched around her. It was supposed to be just a simple outpost of Death Watch but it was a full blown fortress! She still wasn't sure of the enemy numbers but it was enough and it was taking a toll.
“Master Kahan, Commander Nokta? We can't get any closer than this.”
“Don't get yourself killed Hanabi.” Commander Nokta called. “We'll have support soon.”
“My armored forces are nearly in position, once they are we'll make a full assault.”
Hanabi looked over her cover, ducking down as the repeater swept her way.
“Hurry Master, they're going to cut us to pieces here. If they bring up missiles or rockets we're toast.”
“Acknowledged.” Master Kahan replied stoically.
Hanabi began cycling through her com channels, trying to figure out where all her troops were. They'd been scattered all over the landing zone once the Mandalorians—no, D
Star Wars: All Good ThingsAira-ty sighed as she doffed her armor, letting her hair down and shaking it out to its full length. It was good to get out of it finally. A month in constant combat certainly introduced you to new smells! She was looking forward to getting her battalion back to the rest of the 13th Assault Corps which was currently engaged on some nameless rock against the Seps. Her own mission had at least been a success. A resounding one if she was any judge of it. They'd not only managed to nail their target, but cause some additional trouble as well when they'd had to shoot their way out. She was very proud of her men.
She changed into something more comfortable, simple casual wear. Space but it felt good to be in something that she didn't wear into combat. She did what she always did however, and strapped the Westar-34 to her hip. It had belonged to her husband, to Jango. She'd found it in the arena on Geonosis, along with his body...the memory came back unbidden and she took a deep, steadying br

Star Wars: Wasted Future
Aira-ty stumbled and rolled, banging her head against the sides of the tunnel as she tumbled downards. She was finally spat out, landing flat on her ass, in a small cave lit by blue glowing crystals.
“Ow.” she muttered, rubbing her butt. “Jango? Jango can you hear me?”
Her comlink gave her nothing but static and she cursed as she removed her helmet. Just her luck. Reaching down, she pulled out a glowstick and began examining the cave. Aside from the crystals there was nothing of interest—wait—she jerked the light around and froze as a face peered at her from out of the gloom. Her face.
“Wh—what?” she stammered, drawing her pistol and pointing it as the apparition walked forwards into the light.
“Hello Aira-ty.” she said.
Aira-ty's heart thudded in her chest. “Wh—who are you?”
“I am you...or I could have been.” the woman said quietly, her expression sad. “I am what you could have been.&
Rain Streaked Tears
Aira-ty woke with a panicked gasp of air as her eyes jolted open and she looked up at the cloud covered sky through her cracked visor as the rain poured down around her. She turned her head to the side, her viewscreen fizzling with static as its optics tried to process through the damaged system. All around her, the shattered bodies of her troops lay sprawled in death where the droids had shot them down. It had been a slaughter. She'd been unable to get them the support they'd needed and they had died for her failure. She'd failed them. Failed Jango's memory. Failed herself. Her viewscreen flickered again and she reached up, flicking the catch for the release on her helmet and letting it fall aside.
Her hair fell out in the mud as the cool rain pattered down her on face. She could feel the tears even if the rain obscured them. She reached down and touched the blaster wound in her side gingerly.
What was she doing here?
What did she hope to accomplish?
Who was she trying to save?

Star Wars: The Darkness Within, the Light Without“NO!” Kahan shouted as the saber sank into Hanabi's stomach.
He split his blades and slashed his way through the militiamen between himself and Hanabi just in time to throw his blades aside and catch her as she fell, a look of utter shock on her face.
“M— hurts....” she murmured weakly.
Kahan nodded gently, barely in control of the emotions raging within him.
“Just hang on a moment, hold on Hanabi.” he brought his com online. “Sly! Get back to my ship and get Triage!”
“Sir?” the clone trooper asked in confusion.
“DO IT NOW TROOPER! Hanabi is hurt!”
Sly didn't ask again, severing the link as Kahan ran his hand over Hanabi's pained features.
“It'll be okay.”
She nodded, trying to smile.
“D—don't worry Master...I—I think I'm going to be alright.” she winced, clenching her teeth and smiled at him. “Promise me something?” she murmured as her eyelids flutte
Star Wars: Need Some TrainingAira-ty walked down the passageway on the Devastator tiredly, she wanted to sleep. In fact she was exhausted. However she couldn't close her eyes without seeing scores of clones being cut down around her. So she'd resolved to distract herself in any way possible. The result was that she was making her way to one of the gyms on the star destroyer. Specifically the one on the officer's deck. It was usually pretty empty. The last thing she needed was to have the Republic and clone personnel aboard the ship staring at her backside or chest. Being one of the only females on the ship could get a little tiresome sometimes she had to admit. She reached the gym and went inside. There were a few clone and Republic officers working out but they didn't seem to pay her any mind. Just as well, if they wanted to peep at her they were welcome to have a full view of her fist.
She looked over at the private training rooms, all but one of them showed occupied. Of course. She crossed the gym and went to t

Star Wars: Future Mind GamesThe last of the Stormtroopers fell to the ground, leaving Aira-ty and Kahan standing alone amidst the white shelled bodies.
Aira-ty trembled slightly within her own armor. “I just...” she took a deep breath. “Kahan I just—“
“Don't.” her husband said quietly, turning to her. “Don't think that.”
She grimaced and glared at him from behind her helmet. “You're in my head again.”
He smirked at her, despite the fact that he wore his own set of beskar'gam, he'd declined a helmet. He wore the rest of the regalia though, done in a olive drab with teal slashes running down from the shoulders of his armor. And in all honesty...she loved seeing his face even if she wished he'd wear a helmet.
“Always.” he replied simply.
Aira-ty's face flushed and she looked away from him in annoyance, doing what he suggested and forcing the thought from her mind. She couldn't think like that. These men were no longer Jango's legacy...they
Star Wars: Conflicting EmotionsAs the last of the armored figures collapsed in a heap, Kahan stood up and extinguished his sabers as he examined their adversaries.
Aira-ty twitched and looked over at him in annoyance.
“These aren't Mandalorians.”
He blinked and turned to regard her placidly. “They're wearing the armor.”
“That doesn't mean anything!” she snapped angrily. “They're not Mando'ade!” she spat. “They're Death Watch!”
“You'll have to forgive me if I don't perceive the difference.” Kahan replied thoughtfully.
If not for the inquisitive gaze of his pale blue eyes Aira-ty might have attacked him right then and there. As it was, she took a deep breath and tried to calm herself as she explained.
“It's the same difference as Jedi and Sith. Outsiders might not see the differences but they're there...and they're pronounced.”
Kahan considered for a moment before shrugging. “I will have to be more cog

Star Wars: Prodigal SonAira-ty took her helmet off as she stepped off the ramp of her ship with Kahan behind her. Their home was a good sized private estate that they'd bought with the funds from selling the Aegis. The Lancer corvette had served them well, but it was too conspicuous and even with their need for a larger transport it was just too much trouble to keep a capital ship, even one as compact as the Aegis. Their current fleet, because that was it was, was comprised of three starfighters and two light freighters, all heavily modified. Their home was on Mandalore's second moon, close enough to Mandalore for them to get jobs when needed, but far enough away for Clan Nokta to avoid attention.
Mandalore...Aira-ty didn't know what to do about Jango's adopted home planet. He'd all but abandoned his role as Mandalore after his men had been slaughtered by the jedi. That had allowed the New Mandalorians to take control until annihilated by the Death Watch which had ultimately been defeated by the Republic. No
Star Wars: Surviving the OrderNiklos sucked in his breath as the communication ended. His mouth was dry. He knew what he had to do but...he glanced at the other commanders. They'd all received the same order just now as well.
“None.” Dae said simply. “The General and Commander must be eliminated.”
“That is the order.” Jordi said cautiously. “But you know as well as I that the General can't have anything to do with this, he's been in combat for the past several months.”
“Except when he went to Coruscant.” Grim pointed out.
“That proves nothing.” Jordi said dubiously.
“It is your call Commander.” Arid said. “We'll follow your lead.”
“This is not a discussion,” snarled Dae. “The Jedi are traitors, I'm issuing the kill order to my men.”
“No.” Niklos said sternly, drawing a glare from Dae. “I'll issue the order over the command circuit.”
“And the ass

SW: Kaira, A Darker FutureAs Commandant Aira-ty Nokta walked into the Imperial Ballroom with Captain Jesp on her arm she felt a smug satisfaction as dozens of eyes turned to her with looks of desire. Just as many malicious glares were shot at Jesp for standing as her escort. She couldn't help the smugness, she hated these events, however as Commandant of the Storm Commandos she was required to attend these balls or risk the ire of the Imperial elite. She didn't need anyone else breathing down her neck, so she attended. That didn't mean she wasn't going to make these slaggers squirm though. The scandalously revealing red dress she was wearing was geared towards exactly that. They could look all they wanted, Emperor help them if they so much as thought of touching though.
“I hate these things.” she muttered under her breath as she and Jesp mingled with the crowd.
“Yes Commandant,” Jesp replied diffidently as he stood besides her in his dress uniform. “But this is also a duty.”

SW: Kaira, Divergence PointKahan stopped in mid-stride as he, Hanabi, and Skabeor ran through the compound. He could feel the approach of their adversary. They weren't going to be able to get away from him in time. Ahead of him, Hanabi skidded to a halt and turned to look at him.
He smiled at her with a heavy sigh. “Keep going.”
“Wait what about you?” she asked, her face suddenly writ with worry.
“I'll be right behind you, I promise.” he turned back the way they'd come. “Now go.”
“You heard the man sweetness,” Skabeor said as he grabbed Hanabi's hand and pulled. “We gotta go.”
Hanabi pulled out of his grasp and glared warningly at him before turning back to Kahan.
“Master?” Kahan looked over his shoulder at her. “Don't die.”
He smiled and nodded. “Get going, I'll be there soon.”
As the pair of them continued onwards, Kahan shrugged out of his robes and drew his saber staff, holding it
Sleek Blade (Swiftwind-class courier)Sleek Blade (modified Swiftwind-class courier)
Manufacturer: Alderaan Royal Engineers
Product Line: Swift-type armed-fast courier
Model: modified Swiftwind-class
Class: armed-fast courier
Length: 31 meters
MGLT: 100
Engines: 3xprimary 4xsecondary
Hyperdrive/Backup Rating: 2.5/7.5
Shielding: equipped
Sensor System: equipped
Navigation System: equipped
Targeting Computer: equipped
Armament: 2xdouble laser cannon turrets, 2xfire-linked ion cannons
Crew: 1-3
Passengers: 6 passengers, 4 prisoners
Cargo Capacity: 75 tons
Consumables: 3 months
Roles: personal/prisoner transport
Special Equipment: cockpit escape pod, cold locker for corpses, holocomm transceiver
Special Notes: the fire-linked ion cannons are mounted beneath the chin of the craft. The laser turrets are mounted forward of the engine block, one ventral, one dorsal. The three primary engines are mounted horizontally in a row and the four secondary engines mounted vertically, two on either side of the center engine.
Description: Be

SW: Kaira, the Helmet
Aira-ty walked onto the hangar deck with the extra helmet under one arm. She spotted the Prodigal Star resting in its berthing with the General and several troopers standing around the freighter. Hefting the bucket she moved forwards with a purposeful glare as the five members of Wild Card squad and the three ARC troopers who would be accompanying the mission listened to the General's briefing.
“I have every faith in each of your abilities.” the General was saying. “We'll be completely isolated once we're on the planet's sur—“
“I have a present for you General,” Aira-ty said as she raised the helmet up and clamped it down on his head.
Kahan jerked for a moment as the helmet locked in place and much to Aira-ty's surprise he lashed out, shoving her back and clutching at the helmet as if it were trying to take his head off. After a moment's struggle he ripped the helmet from his head and threw it across the hangar. The sound of its impact echoed a
Aira-ty: First BountyAira-ty stood breathlessly over her opponent, panting heavily as she looked at the corpse that until a moment ago had been a Zeltron smuggler who'd pissed off the wrong people. His eyes were staring vacantly at the ceiling and Aira-ty felt a shiver run through her as the sightless eyes gazed upwards. She took out a cloth and placed it over the man's face, covering his shocked expression from her view.
You can do this. She told herself with determination. The hard part is already done, now you've just got to transport him to the client you'll be a real bounty hunter.
With those happy thoughts in mind, she looked back at the body. It was massive. The Zeltron had easily been two meters tall and probably weighed double what Aira-ty did. At only fifteen, she wasn't even done growing yet! She gritted her teeth and took a firm hold of the man's boots and began trying to drag him out into the hall of the apartment complex she'd killed him in. It was tough work, and she didn't know how she was

SW: Kaira, Saving What MattersCommander Aira-ty Nokta was not having a good day. Her 44th Battalion was aboard Centerpoint Station along with the rest of the 302nd Legion in an attempt to keep the station out of the hands of the Separatists. The remainder of the 13th Assault Corps was on Drall, keeping the planet within the Republic's sphere of influence despite the local uprising and Separatist droid army there.
Aira-ty ducked behind cover as a droideka and two super battle droids opened fire on her men, they managed to gun down a trio of her troopers, only serving to increase Aira-ty's ire at her opponents.
“Take them down!” she shouted into her helmet's com.
An ion grenade bounced around the corner and went off, causing static to appear on Aira-ty's visor display. As it cleared she stepped out to find the droids blasted into rubble. Beyond the debris was the command center for the station, its blast doors sealed.
Aira-ty turned and barked an order. “Wild Card!”
The five man BARC trooper s
SW: Kaira, The Grand Inquisitor
Commandant Aira-ty Nokta watched as the Jedi captive took another solid punch in the jaw from her Storm Commandos. This wasn't her first interrogation, in the past months since the fall of the Republic and the formation of the Galactic Empire she'd conducted dozens of these interrogations on Jedi and other enemies of the Empire. This was just like any other.
With another blow to the woman's gut, Aira-ty walked forwards, her men stepping aside, one of them lifting the Jedi's head up by her fur to meet her gaze.
“This doesn't have to continue.” Aira-ty said gently, looking into the bothan's eyes. “Tell us what we want to know, and we'll end this.”
The bothan's eyes blazed defiantly as she gazed at Aira-ty hatefully, her jaw remaining shut.
“Keep it up, but don't break her jaw. We need her to talk.” Aira-ty said with a sigh as she stepped back again and let the pair of Storm Commandos resume their ministrations as she leaned against the wall and continu

SW: Remember Who You Are
Hanabi followed after her Master hurriedly, catching up to him as he walked briskly through the halls of the Imperial Palace.
“You made her mad again.” she stated worriedly.
The Grand Inquisitor said nothing as she followed after him and so she pressed further.
“You could try being gentler.”
“Why?” he asked somberly. “It won't do her any good.”
“But it will at least show that you care!” protested Hanabi as they continued. “She thinks you've completely abandoned who you used to be!”
The Grand Inquisitor snorted in apparent amusement. “Oh? And who are you referring to?”
“Kahan.” she stated candidly.
He froze in mid-stride, coming to a stop. Hanabi stopped as well, feeling her heart race as he turned to look at her, his blue gaze boring into her silvery eyes.
“What have I told you about using that name?”
“It's who you are!” Hanabi said defiantly.
“No, it's who I wa
SW: Sparring with Darkness
Hanabi knelt in the training room, meditating and trying to find her center after the day's frustrations. She didn't know how much longer she could continue to do this. She was not cruel enough for this new life. She knew that the only reason she was still alive was because Master Kahan, the Grand Inquisitor, allowed her to live and protected her from the ire of his peers, superiors, and subordinates. In her turn she tried to follow his new path but found it hard to execute the level of cruelty that such required. At least Aira-ty seemed to have adapted well to the New Order. She was almost as bad as Master Kahan had become though she was often left at a disadvantage when he interacted with her.
Hanabi sighed fretfully. She knew that Master Kahan still loved Aira-ty and that she loved him...but she knew that neither of them would ever admit it. Love was a vulnerability in the Empire. It was an avenue for an attack that needed to be defended. Hanabi herself was a vulnerability for Maste

SW: Death of the LightHanabi shifted nervously as the shuttle descended towards the planetary surface. Seated around her were seven other Inquisitors. Counting herself and the Grand Inquisitor himself there were nine of them in total. She'd never had so many of the Empire's Dark Jedi in one place during a mission before, granted that all of them were members of the Inquisitorius was no surprise. It was by far the largest organization of Force users in the galaxy. In many ways, it had replaced the Jedi Order and it served man of the same purposes: policing the Empire's space, eliminating threats to the Emperor and his order, training Force users in the Dark side. It was only the final part of the Inquisitorius' mission that differed: the conversion or elimination of Jedi.
It was on such a mission that they were embarked now. They, along with a company of Storm Commandos led by Aira-ty were seeking out a supposed Jedi enclave that was located within a mining and processing plant. The only information that the
SW: Family OutingAira-ty let out her breath as she settled the Sleek Blade onto the iced over landing pad of the Jedi Temple, leaning back in her chair and sighing as the ship's landing struts fixed into place with a unsettling crunch.
“Hanabi didn't say that the kriffing place would be frozen over.” she grumbled.
As their mother cursed, the eight year old Ay-lana clapped her hands over her long pointy ears while the twelve year old Jaeriel smirked.
“Mommy's swearing again.” Ay-lana said worriedly.
Their father, former Jedi and General, Kahan smiled and leaned over the pilot's chair.
“Yes she is,” to his wife he said: “Hanabi hasn't been here in over a decade, I imagine it was better kept back then.”
“Did you ever come here?” Aira-ty asked as she powered the ship down.
Kahan shook his head. “Never. My Master thought it better to keep me away from the rest of the Jedi until she'd finished training me and I was never invited to accompany t

SW Kaira: Her HusbandJesp looked over at General Nokta pensively as she leaned over the holomap. He should have been helping her figure out the map and the forces being displayed on it. Should have. However he was too distracted by her profile, lit up by the blue light emanating from the holodisplay.
“We can't keep hitting them in the front like this.” she said in evident frustration. “We're just throwing away lives.”
“We can't position men fast enough to make use of any potential breaks, and our fighter tanks don't have the firepower to punch through their entrenchments without being overwhelmed.” Jesp said, providing no useful information as he continued admiring General Nokta's features.
“Perhaps I can be of assistance.”
Jesp jumped and looked up to see a man wearing Mandalorian armor with shoulder length black hair enter the command center.
“Who are you?” he asked immediately. “You're not authorized to be—“
What Are the Odds? (You're a Lucky Boy)
Aira-ty walked down the sanitized corridor on the Kaminioan city, looking out at the wind driven rain as it buffeted Tipoca City. She hated this planet. It rained too much, like it was always crying. Still, as a place to raise her son Boba with Jango it wasn't too bad...and they never lacked for anything, save perhaps friends for Boba...not that Jango seemed to feel that Boba needed them. He was so intent on their son's training that Aira-ty sometimes felt that Jango forgot that Boba was her child too. Looking back from the endless rain she turned her attention back to the corridor as she came around a corner. She frowned and stopped, her sensitive ears picking up what sounded like the sniffles of a child.
Was that Boba? Her eyes narrowed as she followed the sound. If one of the Cuy'val Dar had hurt her son again she was going to thrash the responsible party within a millimeter of their life! She'd promised Jango she wouldn't kill any of his hundred man team while here, but that didn't

SW: Kaira, The BallAira-ty paused at the entrance to the ballroom and sighed heavily. She couldn't believe she was here. This wasn't her celebration. She'd received an invitation and decided to attend the Republic's victory ball after the Battle and Siege of Saleucami and the subsequent destruction of the Separatist's own clone army as well as the deaths of several of Count Dooku's lieutenants. It was considered a great victory to most. Aira-ty knew better, she also knew why she was here: the commanding officer of the 13th Assault Corps had been invited to attend, and since he had declined she had gone in his place. She also knew why General Kahan had declined: celebrating the battle in which his former padawan had been killed wasn't his idea of a good time.
Taking a deep breath, she looked at Jesp besides her. He was her escort for the evening. Not that she needed one, just that she felt so alone amidst all these people that she couldn't stand the idea of coming by herself.
“Come on Jesp, let's ge
SW: Serious BusinessAira-ty skidded into cover alongside Captain Jesp and the rest of the men. She glanced around at them quickly, everyone seemed to be here: Jesp, Jaster, Joker, Shiny, Chatter, Sly, Cube, Gallant, Hooligan and Lucky were all here. She felt guilty finding these ten clones special against the thousands of others that served with the 13th Assault Corps but they were to her. Her five Wolf Pack members and the five Wild Card BARC troopers made up her own little cadre within the 13th Corps.
“We're all set Commander.” Jesp said.
Aira-ty glanced over at at Jaster who nodded, confirming his fellow captain's assessment. Her ten man team was in a flanking position on an enemy strong-point comprising multiple repeating blasters and heavy laser emplacements that were holding up the 13th's advance through the canyon. The rims of the canyon were heavily covered with enemy triple A and so unless the Aegis Fleet in orbit wanted to level the canyon, they had to do this the old fashioned way.

SW: Losing it AllAira-ty moved through the creek bed with the rest of her team, her eyes scanning the thick jungle foliage around them as she sloshed through the ankle deep water.
“I wish Sayael would hurry up.” she grumbled.
Silas chuckled inside his helmet. “Don't worry, he isn't going to let us down. Hasn't yet.”
Aira-ty nodded and looked over her shoulder at Via as she brought up the rear. She was the closest to Aira-ty's age but even though she was only two years Aira-ty's senior she often seemed much older when they were working, her usually cheerful demeanor turning dark and dangerous. Looking forwards to where Garron, Iyras and Eisha formed the vanguard of their formation, Aira-ty found herself wishing she had her own set of armor. She was the only member of the group not to have her own set of beskar'gam and that fact bothered her immensely. Silas had promised that after this job was over they'd find a smith and get her a set finally. She couldn't wait, it had been almo

A Love Poem From Jango to Aira-tyOh Gleaming Eyes of Amber
Falling Hair of meadowy green
My love, the fairest of them all
mesh'la bal mirdala
may your flame never go out
may our love never die
we are forever, you and I
A Potential and a Promise  Potential.
  This word, so simple yet a deciding factor in many things, seemed to be on everyone in the clone army's lips. That is, everyone's except the second 44th battalion. Why was that? The reason was the subject of all those conversations about potential were about them.
  It wasn't all of them, but one singular clone, who held this mysterious 'potential' within him. No one knew who, or what that potential was for though, like the words had simply been inserted into their mouths. But nearly all of the troopers in battalion were once speculated to have the potential.
  That is, except for the one that had it.
  Cube was about as standard as troopers could get, being a Kaminoan's perfect soldier. He had even nearly refused to paint his armour! As a consequence, he hadn't really gotten a personality for his own yet. He was trying, but he had a tendency to fix that personality-less shell of his and hide in it again. So it was a surprise to everyone -

Public events
“Why do I have to be here Anakin?” Jedi Knight Scarlet Astra asked, crossing her arms over her chest with a sigh. She fidgeted and squirmed, uncomfortable in the dress Senator Amidala had loaned and insisted she wear. Her friend smiled and chuckled “Because we are representing the Jedi presence in the war. And you and I just happened to be on Coruscant when they needed someone the public knew.” Scarlet frowned and said “You’re better known than me. Why do I have to be here? Why can’t you be here by yourself?”    
“Because the council wanted two of us here. Now go mingle, and be nice.” He teased before walking away. She frowned at him and rolled her eyes, knowing him he was probably going to find Senator Amidala, he had such an obvious crush on her. Scarlet chuckled to herself and then walked out onto a balcony to try and avoid having to talk to sleazy politicians.
“What a bunch of idiots… Why the hell do

Calm before the Storm“Basilisks work better than these walkers the Clones use. Why not use ‘em?” Tracyn growled quietly as the two Mandalorians walked.
Aira-ty couldn’t help but sigh slightly in annoyance to Tracyn. “Already told you… Wouldn’t mind doing that, but chak jetiise want to take the fun out of it.” She sighed again, muttering something to herself in Mando’a before continuing, “Besides, closest bes’uliike are with Death Watch. Wouldn’t mind an attack on those skanahe, but I’m not riskin’ any of his legacy, just to get some bloody Basilisks.”
“Oh, come on! Why listen to jetiise? That’s what takes the fun out of things?” After a pause, he started to sarcastically chuckle, half to himself and half to Aira-ty. “Always take orders from ‘em? Never would have guessed you follow the orders of a jetii!”
Aira-ty started to glare dangerously at him before clenching her fists.
   Aira-Ty and Jango were taking a break from the war to go on a Safari hunt on Naboo.  Jango loved hunting exotic animals.  Aira-Ty had her gun, and Jango carried his traditional pistols.
    The two of them wandered into the woods to get a good spot.  "Honestly, I will never understand what you enjoy in this!" Aira-Ty frowned.  Jango shrugged, often bemused by Aira-Ty's snarkiness.  "Think of it as a hunt for mynocks.  It will be more fun that way."
    They moved along further, and Jango whispered of the joys of hunting.  "Hunting the Tog Boars is a time honored tradition, my dear.  It is the thrill of the hunt that makes it exciting, plus we get to eat the meat and keep the tusks as trophies."
    Aira-Ty swished her mouth to one side.  She was only out here because Jango told her she needed a vacation from stress.  Her destructiv

Star Wars: Return of Pain - Chapter IDespite the change from day to night, the heat still was beating down heavily on the clone troopers of Nexu squad, and the Republic-assigned architects. Strike, the captain assigned to Nexu squad, couldn’t help but growl in annoyance at the progress of the mission. And, for that matter, the mission itself.
An ancient Sith warship was found, ruined, in the wastes of Daris IV. And the blasted Jedi wanted to send them to dig it back up, so they would be able to ‘safe-guard’ any artifacts found on board. While Strike couldn’t care less about the Jedi and Sith politics, that was not the aspect that annoyed him the worst. What annoyed him even more was that it was nearly covered in rubble and debris. So badly that they had already spent a week trying to dig their way into the ship, and there was no success yet, what-so-ever.
How could a ship at least a few thousand years old have a hull that could still be resistant to each of the lasers they tried to use to give them
Recovery (karia)       
                  Everything was cold. Even the burning alchohol streaming down her throat didn't cure the agony she felt in her heart. The world was moving slowly, her cup felt like it took years to reach her lips.
Just let me die. Quick, slow, I don't care anymore. Just end this. Please...

This was all she thought. That was the only thing that was comforting to her.
Jango was dead.
She couldn't get around it. But that had bee years ago, and her heart still hadn't recovered. She often thought if her heart was ripped out maybe the pain would disappear. Sure she would have the memories but she wouldn't be able to feel it. 
Maybe if she had never left the jedi order she could have saved him. Kept him by her side and saved him from that dark path. But even the jedi would fall into the temptation of a dark eternity. Once her Master fell, when would she fall? She couldn't have risked that. She could have b

Perspective of a Storm Commando“I’m a monster Jesp.”
“Last night, Jaeriel, she saw me come home last night.  Galactic Spirit Jesp, she saw me in my blood soaked armor and I scared her.  What kind of monster have I become?”
Ahh dreck, I shouldn’t be talking about this, not right now.  Aira-ty, Commandant of Storm Commando Detachment D-99 [Imperial Special Operations Division], thought as her trusted aide and several other troopers gave her odd looks.  To suddenly gain a conscious in the confines of one’s own being was one thing, but for the her to do so and quite openly right before a mission, on the drop-ship no less, was something that the former Mandalorian had every right to concern about.      
It was odd, during the Clone Wars and several years of hunting down rebels in addition to renegades; the commandant had not once felt this way until now.   After all these years, was  raising her childr
Imperial AU: A Visit From a Friend(OC contest)Commandant Aira-ty Nokta of the Storm Commandos let out a moan as she sat down on her bed, letting her black helmet fall to the floor.  It had been a long day of fighting for the Empire, as usual.  But lately, aspiring rebellions had been slowly growing larger.  She couldn't blame them; truth be told, she hated the Empire.  But hers wasn't a job she could just leave.  That would put herself and her daughters in danger.  It was bad enough her husband had been killed by the Empire.
Her husband...she missed him every day.  He had been Jedi Master Kahan, a hero of the Clone Wars, and he had loved her and their daughters more than anyone else in the galaxy.  At least, that's what she remembered.
She didn't remember he had become the Grand Inquisitor after the Empire had been established.  He had wiped all those awful memories-his murders, his compliance in hunting down his former comrades-from his family's minds.  He had realized what he had

#2 A Trap for Jango
Prime Minister Almec sat at his desk as the sunset on Mandalore.  Concordia started to shine in the sky as the day came to a close.
He opened a comlink to his troubleshooters, a team of Mercenaries on a covert mission.
"Skarro, Report!" he barked.
Maximillian Skarro led the team.  He was not what one expected.  More of a glamorized 'Soldier of Fortune', he kept his prized armor and Jet pack cleaned and shiny, weapons smooth and ready at all times.  His neatly trimmed goatee and scar made him look the very picture of a romanticized rogue, but he knew how to balance the charm with business.
His underling associates were definitely more the greasy mercenary types.
Oil Fin was a a chunky man, unshaven and his mandalorian armor was likely stolen and cobbled together.
Rice Mangold was young and had an arrogance about him, though he was always a step behind Fin.  His armor was Mandalorian, but it was kept in a rather fa
SWtCW: The Rescue part 1The Cloe Wars have been going on for  a few months now and Choyel and Thon has finally gotten used to their new lives. Now they have an important mission: two senators has been kidnaped and are now been held as hostages and they are going to help General Kahan to find them and bring them back. Choyel and her legion are on their way to the planet of Surron, with the thought that it would be easy- but things don’t go as planned when an unexpected enemy makes an appearance…
Surron, The expansion Region, aboard the Jedi cruiser Passion
The cruiser shook and Aria-ty almost lost her balance, if Kahan had not coughed her. She watched as the comandtower beside theirs exploded, they shields was down.
“Where are does reinforcements?” She asked no one. As if someone had heard her she saw three Jedi cruisers coming out of hyperspace. They almost emergently started to fire their cannons and sent out their starfighters.
The Separatists hadn’t seen the reforming com

SWtCW: The Rescue part 2Surron, the planet’s surface
The gunship landed and the group jumped of and ran low in the high grass.  They stopped when they were they were going too spilt up.
“General, are you sensing something?” Trigger asked looking at Choyel. Choyel closed her eyes and lost herself in the Force.
“I think that we have to do some change to plans,” she said opening her eyes, “there are three life forms here.”
“That’s weird there were two before, that person must have gotten here during the battle,” said Aria-ty looked at Choyel.
“What are the changes, general?” Crimson asked.
“Why do we make changes? I think that whoever he is, we can handle him,” Aria-ty said.
“No, you can’t. It’s a Sith, and I think that on the other base it will be more droids, which means that more men will be required there,” Choyel said, “so my plan is: I, commander Nokta, one of our medics and Chestnut are g
NightfallThe dark corridor stretched out before expanding into a balcony overlooking the darkened city below. Walking out towards the night sky, Tyranus glanced around, taking in each of the lights scattered around the city. A lot had changed in the years since the fall of the Jedi Order. While most of the events had been expected due to the extreme calculations, there were a few events that came as a surprise to the Sith Lord. As a prime example, he had never expected Skywalker to be persuaded to ally himself with him and his master. He had thought Skywalker to be weak – a miscalculation that had nearly been disastrous to him, many years prior. And then there was always the Grand Inquisitor – while he had given the former Jedi the offer himself, he hadn’t truly expected him to eventually accept. With these two pieces however, it made things much simpler.
And, now, the Jedi Order was finished. Any survivors were in the process of being hunted down. While he had a slight intere

Life Day"Daddy, what's Life Day?" 
Jango sighed, setting the holozine aside to give his son a bemused look. Boba was curled up on his lap, with a holozine of his own. Now, the boy's wide brown eyes were trained on his father's. "Why do you ask?" said the hunter, gently ruffling Boba's hair. 
"Mom said her Life Day was tomorrow...hey!" Boba cried, ducking away from the menacing hand. Jango chuckled, slinging an arm around his tiny shoulders. "It's the day she was born, ad'ika. A very special day for you and I." 
"Are we gonna celebrate?" 
"Of course." Jango smiled. Boba enjoyed Life Day celebrations, especially those aside from his own. There were presents and cake and general cheerfulness, something the older Fett admitted that he liked aside from his job. It wasn't just the lavishing treats, or splendid gifts. It was seeing his son and wife happy. "We'll do something very special for her." 
"Yay!" Boba squealed, rolling off his father's lap. He kept on rolling until h
A Story from the Clone Wars EraThe Death Watch Schism Part 1
It had been over a year since the battle Geonosis and the beginning of the Clone wars…and there seems to be no end in sight to the war. Despite early Republic victories pushing the CIS towards the Outer Rim, the CIS shows no signs of giving up. Most recent events proving their determination including the destruction of the Gungan colony on Ohma-D’un and the battle of Jabiim, in which Obi-wan Kenobi and the Clone ARC named Alpha were feared to be dead. After the weapon that was used on Ohma-D’un was destroyed and the separatist forces repelled, a proper investigation could be launched into what the weapon contained. Suspecting that the CIS still managed to get a hold of the incomplete Clone killing nanovirus from the research station, despite the actions of Jedi Padawan Etain Tur-Muken and Republic Commandos of Omega Squad, Republic Intelligence sends a team with the virus’s creator, Dr. Ovolot Uthan, on board the cruiser Stardust V.


Jaira- A little something by BrET13
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Kaira by VizuEntry contest : Hogwarts AU by Vizu:thumb412496907:
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Theme 14: Smile by AwesomenesokatuSoniee and Aira-Ty Nokta by Chyche
Aira-ty fashion by SenatorTanoAn Angel's Light: Main Character clothing designs by SenatorTano
For Rayn44's Contest by FiresprayMandoFight or Flight by GallifreyanGhostGirl
When the Commander is away... by WangLang

Thank you so much for everyone who took the trouble and drew or wrote about my OCs!

If you like them and feel like you would like to draw or write about them please ask for permission (I always give permission though, just would like to know about any kind of material about them), try to keep your drawing PG, have fun and then of course show me the result so I can have fun, too. ^w^

Introvert-Shy-Socially Awkward-Asexual ramble

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 11, 2014, 9:29 AM
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Reading: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • Watching: The Walking Dead
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So you might have noticed that I'm not exactly available lately. It's because I'm quite busy since I have to attend on a stupid course. If it was something I'm interested in or if I volunteered then sure why not, but I'm forced to do it though I clearly hate the whole thing.  It's amazingly boring though I'm afraid of the exams at the end of the course...

But like this I met new people who are all very willing to chat and get to know me which never was my fav thing. Sure I like to talk to people but only with people with who we have something in common. But they're all too different from me. They're so... normal.

The most irritating part of it when they ask about my non existing love life... *sigh* It was always my fav question. When I tell them that no, I'm not in a relationship they immediately start the 'you just didn't find your true love yet' speech and yeah you know I really hate lying so at the end I admit that I'm asexual and they flip out that nah it's just because I didn't find my true love yet... -___-"""" Girl it shouldn't be that difficult to understand that I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT. And they still continue to ramble for long minutes that what if I find my soul mate and we get along really well then I surely will start a romantic relationship with that person etc etc etc... I know it's not that common but I think there are plenty examples of asexual people nowdays so why is it that hard to understand that I simply can't imagine myself getting together with anyone nor emotionally nor physically, end of the story. There's no way I can get that close to anyone, I'm emotionally detached and I don't trust people, it's almost impossible for me to talk about my feelings or open up to anyone or if I accidentally do I feel totally embarrassed and close up again quickly. And human touch is something that really makes me uncomfortable. If someone even people who I know but especially if strangers touch me I can get very stiff and nervous and try to get distant from them. (Even if on the bus someone sits beside me and their leg or arm touches me I even unawares try to avoid it then I just notice that my leg hurts I unwittingly try that hard not to touch that other insolent human being who dared to sit beside me...)
But funny enough I always had in each school of mine a classmate who loved to glomp me for whatever weird reason... I got a glomp daily and it's unnecessary to say I was really happy about it... We weren't even friends! It's all the more confusing why they 'loved' me that much because I have a seriously brutal face... I mean it. Even my friends admitted that when they first saw me they were afraid of me! So yeah... I wouldn't even get much of a chance to find a boyfriend even if I searched for it and that's why I say it's really lucky I'm asexual!
I get embarrassed very easily, I am completely self-conscious especially when it comes to my appearance, I don't know how to have an interesting conversation with people and I don't tolerate if they come too close to me and they're not allowed to touch me at all! Talk about isolation... Much chance to find my true love eh?


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Commission Info

Commission info

Waist up: 10$ + 8$ for each extra character
Commission for Zerosukio by rayn44 Ferocious Games by rayn44

Full body:16$ + 12$ for each extra character
Commission for lordhadrian - 03 by rayn44 Commission for MandoGirl22 by rayn44

Short comics: price by arrangement
Commission for AdamAnt543 - 04 by rayn44 Commission for TheIrishRogue - 07 by rayn44 Commission for Vizu - 02 by rayn44

Please Read:

:bulletred: If you would like a detailed background that would cost additional fee depending on the complexity of the background.
:bulletred: I do only humanoid characters (I mean I can’t draw animals, different creatures, droids, vehicles, etc)
:bulletred: I DON’T draw nudity; hentai or hard yaoi/yuri, soft versions of these are ok
:bulletred: Payment: after approving the sketch - PAYPAL ONLY
:bulletred: I have to ask you to pay the paypal fee
:bulletred: For commissioning me write a NOTE
:bulletred: Send me references
:bulletred: Describe your character/scene/request as detailed as possible
:bulletred: And sorry, but I have the rights to refuse your request, if I feel that is more what I’m able to do with my limited skills or feel uncomfortable to draw it.
Thank you!

To do list

:bulletred: commission for :icontheirishrogue:
:bulletred: commission for :iconwilliamtrichardson:

:bulletred: contest prize for :iconkaelacroftart:
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:bulletred: art trade with :iconzetsubouzed:
:bulletred: fanfic cover for :iconslingblade87: 5x The Clone Wars
:bulletred: fanfic cover for :iconslingblade87: 1x Imperial AU, 2x Lost Lives AU
:bulletred: Aleema project for :iconslingblade87: part 1, part 2


With the Fett Stamp by GalacticGuardiansFett stamp by rayn44With the Fett Stamp 2 by GalacticGuardians
That one question... by sonic-skywalkerBoba Fett by AriaWhoStar Wars: Mandalorian Stamp by RuluuPostage
Clone Troopers Phase II by StampernautCaptain Rex Stamp by MasterVash101 Support CLONEZ by Commander-June
Obi-Wan by madeofneonObi-Wan Says Hello by hellovanityBoga Stamp by NatefanA98
Even after order 66 by rayn44Cad Bane - Star Wars Bounty Hunter - Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanHondo FTW by rayn44
I survived Stamp by BuboniccBecoming A Jedi by ashestoGirl star wars fan stamp by evilncutebunni2

Mello stamp by Okami-MoonyWammy Stamp: Matt - 2 by BunniiChanWammy Stamp: Near by BunniiChan
Wammy Stamp: BB by BunniiChanReal Death Note stamp by Okami-MoonyTLFHA by LinkMasterXP

Bakura Stamp by Gokulover4everSesshomaru Stamp by crezebartundertaker stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga
Orange-kun by cullencrazayCode Geass :: Stamp by o0-Azrael-0olelouch stamp by nejihyuuga23
Deidara :: Stamp by Ilya-san+HIDAN+ by OTalkOStyxOStampOShikamaru Stamp by foxfanart
Akabane Stamp by Dorian-The-GrayReunited Stamp by DbzbabeSupreme Kai Fan :Stamp: by Circe-Baka
Aizen4GodStamp by oOLadyLuckOostamp 2 hei DTB by MRTrobin- Zuko Stamp - by xblackrose137x
P-H: Break by PHkinsRyoga by ttalktomesoftlyTyki Mikk stamp by Japanfanzz
Scabior Love Stamp by kittykat01Snape Stamp - Always by SweetDukeLucius stamp by Lyvyan
Boromir stamp by purgatoriEomer stamp by Spirit-of-LaharahAragorn stamp by Strange-little-cat
Fili and Kili Stamp by forstyyMerry and Pippin by Cathines-StampsBilbo Stamp by MochiUsUk
Spartacus: Ashur by kanako91DW Ten Shakes Head Stamp by TwilightProwlerStamp: Doctor Who - Ten and Rose recognize you by LuLuLunaBuna
Murdock Stamp by KaizokuShojoSH Sherlock Smile stamp by TwilightProwlerJohnlock Stamp by stampered
Loki by CapsiclesIron Man Stamp - Party Time by The-GreenGoblinMARVEL Son of Coul Stamp by TwilightProwler
the rum is gone... by soulshinigamiFelix and Calhoun by shadowleighEl Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler
Stamp - metro 2033 by DashkaChiPenumbra Stamp by DoctorDracaAmnesia Stamp by WeirdHyena
Last of us stamp by giingaOutlast stamp by JayyburddDead Space Stamp by Kenzoe64

Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragainFanfic Writer Stamp by Aroihkin. Drawing is living stamp . by TheArta
Can't Sleep Stamp by In-The-MachineTrue Artist Stamp by chibibarrageI make faces stamp by GracelessLove
Sleep - Stamp by SuyyJapanglish/Otaku Stamp by DepsychoHappy Otaku Stamp by dailinn
OC stamp by SuyyOC x Canon stamp by ARTic-WeatherOC x Canon stamp by Chrysalislover
Its Love stamp by AznCeestarTalking to my OC - Stamp by BootsiiStamp: I draw my OCs sexy by Jeshika-Haruno
OC Stamp by MarikBentusiMy imagination is my reality by Heroes-GuyGimme Coffee by Sadiya
Forgetful by prosaixShy Stamp by Neko-MusumeStamp: Atheist by 8manderz8
Aquarius Starsign by SquallxZell-LeonhartLeft handed stamp by WhiteKimahriThinker Stamp by Oatzy
Video games by Cathines-StampsStamp - Green Hair by bibiana-tenebraIntrovert Stamp by popstck
FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHakui dont smoke by sergbelI don't drink Stamp by BettyFontaine
Asexuality Stamp by JWiesnerMorals by MaruLovesStampsLGBT Rights Stamp by JFG107-Stamps
Shower by MaruLovesStampsI talk to myself... by prosaixType With Mind by fear-the-brilliance
Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96Wishful Thinking by whispwillMotivation - Or not. by AssClownFish
Typing Stamp by In-The-MachineSarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01My Younger Self Stamp by invader-zim-14
I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dPaint Tool SAI Stamp by EnergyzedProud Crazy Cat Lady Stamp by JacquiJax
Tiger stamp by TollerkaI love Ragdolls by WishmasterAlchemistStamp: Cat Lover by Talty



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What would your boggart look like (if taking the Harry Potter concept of a boggart)? 

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